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Click this button to go to the United Hardware site, where you can view products available for order. The delivery truck comes on Tuesdays. If you are looking to special order, please let us know by 6 PM on Saturdays. 

We stock all adult sizes of black arctic and chore Muck Boots. Wide selection of other styles including children's. Great prices!

Check out our selection of different types of ammo and pocket knives. 

Good selection of Valspar interior and exterior paint, Cabot stain, and spray paint. 

We stock several types of oil including quarts, 2.5 gallon, and 5 gallon. Also antifreeze and windshield wash.

Selection of nuts, bolts, screws, washers, nails, and other fasteners.

Assorted tools including hand and power tools. Also a variety of blades and bits.

Heartland wood pellets available seasonally by the bag or by the pallet. 

All sizes of ladders from step to extension.

OSB available for purchase. Call for pricing. 

Rolls and blow-in insulation available. Call for pricing.

Variety of sheetrock available. Call for pricing. 

Carquest oil, fuel, and air filters in stock.

Hydraulic hoses and fittings available. 

We have a few appliances in stock such as freezers & washer/dryers. We can order many other types. Call for details and pricing. 

We stock interstate batteries for many applications. 

Great electrical selection including extension cords and wire. 

Wide variety of pet products including collars, leashes, toys, dishes, and treats.

Check out our plumbing section for all your plumbing needs.

Many different types of rope, wire, and chain to choose from. 

We stock a variety of work and winter gloves in all sizes. 

All types of lumber for any job. Call for pricing. 

We stock a few sizes of black poly pipe.

Many sizes of PVC and CPVC pipe sold in 10 foot lengths or by the foot.

We have a good selection of v-belts for purchase. 

We stock Morton rust remover softener salt but can get other brands. Available by the bag or by the pallet. Call for details.

Different types of both interior and exterior doors available. As well as a selection of windows. 

Variety of bearings, seals, starters, and alternators available. 

We stock Diamond roller chain of all sizes. 

8 foot hydrants, 6 foot bury available for purchase.

Check out our automotive aisle for all that you may need.


The items listed above are only a small fraction of the products that we stock. Feel free to call if you have questions about any items or go to the united hardware website. We also own and manage Big Sky Lumber in Circle. This location stocks more lumber items than Richey. We can bring back any items that you may need from there on a daily basis. We can also order shingles, metal roofing, all kinds of siding, decking, and much more. The phone number for the Circle location is 406-485-2595.

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