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Different sizes of heavy-duty green cattle panels and gates.

Common Sense Feed Bunks in stock. Different sizes available. 


Common Sense Bottomless Feed Bunks available.

Common Sense calf shelter sold seasonally. Call for info.

8x12 or 8x20 fiberglass stock tanks available.

24ft free standing cattle panels available hinged or unhinged. Many sizes of gates for these panels also available. 

Portable windbreak. Call for availability. 

Bextra bale feeders available. 

Various electric fencing supplies in stock. 

12.5 foot tire tanks available.

We stock #1 railroad ties.

Several sizes of round wood posts in stock. Blunt and pointed ends.

5,6, and 7 bar continuous fence panels. Call Kimball to check on availability. 

Many types of Vitaferm mineral available. 

Baler twine in stock.

American Stockman Solar Medium White Salt in stock. Available by the bag or by the pallet.

Wide variety of guards and sections available seasonally. 

American Stockman Hi-Salt with EDDI in stock.

Several different types of Crystalyx cattle tubs in stock. Call for info. 

Net-wrap available for purchase.

5 1/2 foot steel fence posts in stock. 5 posts in a bundle, 200 on a pallet.

16 foot wire hog panels in stock.

Vitaferm Mineral in stock.

Red Brand barbed and smooth wire available. 

20190617_101014 (1).jpg

Common salt blocks available for sale. 

We stock 20 ft lengths of 1/2 inch rebar. Call for other sizes.

7/8 pipe gate post cable loops in stock. 

2 7/8 pipe gate latches available for purchase. 

Vitaferm livestock mineral in stock


31' feedline panels in stock

The items listed above are only a small fraction of the products that we stock. Call Kimball at 406-941-2138 for info, pricing, and other products available to order. Pricing can vary based on quantity purchased.

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